If you’re like me, you have always been a seeker…a “student of life” as my husband would say.  You’ve read countless self-help books, had hours of therapy and even dabbled (or gotten serious) with yoga and meditation.

You know what you should be doing to take care of yourself and “live your best life.”  Yet, you have trouble actually getting yourself to do it.  Whether its quitting that job you hate, ending that unhealthy relationship or even just finally starting that daily meditation practice, we all struggle with implementing what we know is good for us without the right support.

That’s what’s so special about coaching.  It’s not therapy.  I’m not here to “fix” you.  You don’t need to be fixed because you aren’t broke.  Coaching operates on the fundamental principle that we each know what’s best for us.  We just keep getting in our own damn way for various reason that we just cannot see on our own.

Our time together will be focused on action steps and accountability.  Yes, we will reflect on where you’ve come from and explore what’s going on in your life, but our laser focus will be creating your future and showing you that despite the job, the relationship or the mediocre meditation practice, you can choose to be happy.  No. Matter. What.

All three programs I offer will help you do just that.  Check out the descriptions below and mentally try them on for size.  They are all equally amazing and affordable.  The right fit for you will depend on willingness to commit to change, your budget and your schedule.

Of course, if you want my recommendation, I’d start by scheduling your complimentary consultation with me so that we can reach the decision together.  There’s no wrong choice to make here – except sticking with the status quo.  Email me directly at and let’s just talk.  Okay?

I will be honest.  I don’t typically recommend a single session and they are offered at my highest price point.  They are, however, great for a woman at a crossroads.  If you have one particularly sticky choice that you’d like some support in sorting through, then a single, Starter Session is a great option.

The ideal woman for a single session is trying to decide between two job offers or the immediate next step for her business or relationship.  In these cases, a solid hour of coaching can give you clarity and do your heart some good.  I should warn you though, I do call them Starter Sessions for a reason.

Email me at and let’s see if this truly is the right start for you.

This program is for the woman is really ready to GET HAPPY.  During our four months together, I will guide you through what I have come to call the “Bliss Busters.”  There are four of these bad girls and they are by far the most common reasons our happiness gets hijacked.

Prior to our first session, you will complete an online assessment to help us narrow in on which of the Bliss Busters you are most likely to employ to sabotage your own happiness.  For most of us, we rely on a smashing cocktail of all of them.

The ideal client for this program is the woman who knows she “should” be happy but she isn’t.  This is for the woman who feels like she is a victim in her own life story and often feels overwhelmed by her daily life.  She’s stressed out.  She’s probably angry but in denial about it.  (I know I was.)  She knows that something has to change and that something…is her.

Sound familiar? Then, by all means read on over here. Or, if you are ready for your free consultation, then email me at

This is my premier program and is for those women are done with settling for “good enough” and are ready to have it all.  Based on my free, 21-day ecourse the 7 Daily Choices of a Highly Fulfilled Woman, this program relies on ancient wisdom to transform the lives of modern women.

Prior to our first session, you will complete an online questionnaire designed to assess current levels of self-worth, self-pleasure, self-confidence, self-expression and more.  Based on these results we will set a course for your soul that brings you into alignment with who you are: bold, brilliant, beautiful and, of course, highly fulfilled.

Every month we will focus on one of the 7 Daily Choices and its corresponding chakra (yes, I said chakra)  and I will be helping you create that daily (yes, daily) meditation practice that you’ve been intending to start for year.

The ideal woman for this program is highly motivated to change her life.  For good.  She’s sick of living in fear and struggling with self doubt.  This program is for the woman who’ll do anything to create the life of her dreams.  Email me at to schedule your complimentary consultation.